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Toronto Bicycling Network is Toronto's largest recreational cycling club, rated the city’s #1 cycling club by BlogTO and Readers Choice. TBN offers a wide variety of rides throughout the week and on weekends, catering to all levels of riders, as well as affordable trips outside Toronto and a wide range of winter activities.

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Meet your new TBN Board

A total of 78 members joined TBN's first virtual annual meeting on November 26, electing a new board for 2020-21 and offering thanks to three departing board members. Newcomers are Sonia Stramagllia, who takes over as Communications Director (leaving the Communications role is continuing director Rick MacMillan, now the board's Secretary), and Dennis Szilvasy, who will be TBN's new Touring Director, responsible for coordination with program coordinators. Departing members were Dave Mader, Mary Newman and Pam Kraft. Our sincere thanks to them for their valuable input.

Looking forward, we hope for a return to more usual times after cancelling much of the 2020 season because of COVID-19. Our rides and other activities were severely curtailed for much of the season, and we held just one social event, in March before the lockdown. Draft minutes of the annual meeting are available here (you have to be logged in as a TBN member to read the document).

John Burdett is TBN's volunteer of the year

Many thanks to all our TBN volunteers, and especially to John Burdett (left), TBN's volunteer of the year. Speaking at the annual meeting, then President John Clausen also extended special thanks to a number of volunteers who served with particular dedication during 2020 as ride leaders and coordinators: Danny Harvey, David Gagné, Terry Walsh, John Anderson, Dinsmore Roach, Paul Bourdeau and Michael Varrick.

martin lansche named tbn acting president

The TBN Board has elected Martin Lansche Acting President. He will serve in that role until the next Annual General Meeting. Martin replaces John Clausen, TBN's President, who tendered his resignation on November 26 

Martin has agreed to take on this responsibility in addition to serving as TBN's Technical Director (he was Co-Technical Director during the Board's 2019-20 term with Dave Mader). A retired IBM Canada mainframe systems programmer and web consultant to Fortune 500 clients, Martin has been an avid cyclist since the age of 4. He also serves as a busy ride leader, sweep and Ambassador for TBN rides.  


Please ensure to periodically update your TBN club profile. Perhaps upload a photo of yourself (so other members know who you are), confirm that your email address listed is correct (as this is the primary way for us to contact you), confirm your phone and emergency contacts are still valid, and update your current (or former) occupation and let us know if and how you would like to volunteer with TBN. We are always looking for helping hands, especially those with needed skills. How to do this: Login to the website, click on your name, then click Edit Profile. When you are done, press Save to commit your changes.

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See all rides and events on the main calendar and also check back two hours in advance in case of last minute updates or cancellation due to weather. You can also find past rides on this calendar. 

Most Recent Newsletter

Chain of Events is TBN's e-newsletter, featuring up to date info about upcoming rides and events. Click here for the most recent Chain of Events.


We lost most of our 2020 riding season because of COVID-19, so as a big thank you for bearing with us, TBN will automatically extend membership by 365 days for all members in good standing (those who have paid their dues in full). You lost your 2020 season with TBN, so we’re giving you another one. Examples: if your membership renewal date was October 19, 2020, it will be extended to October 19, 2021; if it was May 13, 2021, it will be changed to May 13, 2022.

The background: TBN was unable to operate at all from March through July, and our schedule has been limited since August. And with a second wave upon us, we know we won't be offering our normal slate of winter activities. Nobody knows when things will be back to normal. We’ll take another look at membership dues as we continue through these challenging times and will do our utmost to continue to offer great value to all our members.

If you have questions or comments about membership, please email us at or

TBN has a Strava club

Now's the time to join TBN's Strava TBN club, where you can share your rides with fellow club members and see who's fastest on the hills. To join the club, click here and press "Request to join." Strava links to services like RideWithGPS and Garmin Connect and offers a way for to track your speed and mileage. It has two levels of membership, a fee-based premium service, and a no-charge basic service.

TBN routes: one of our most prized assets

You asked for a library of TBN routes. We listened. A new work-in-progress page offers a convenient way to find some of our routes, with links to rides mapped through RideWithGPS. We have over 1,000 routes in total, including many duplicates and obsolete routes, so this will become an easier way to find a specific ride than by backtracking to RideWithGPS in our online Calendar. Check it out.

TBN MOBILE Applications

TBN has a free iPhone and Android app displaying upcoming rides with a single click. Open up the  Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore and look for "Toronto Bicycling Network." Iif you would like to use a mobile browser instead, please bookmark our mobile-friendly site. You can reach the mobile site by clicking here.

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