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Personify, the company that owns Wild Apricot, has implemented stronger password rules that will effect all users on the TBN website. These changes will be rolling out to all Wild Apricot systems by Dec 5th 2022 and will become active sometime between Nov 18th and and Dec 5th. This will affect your login experience - you will have to change your password to meet the new password requirements.

New passwords must include:

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Even if your password currently meets these requirements, you will be required to change your password the first time that you login after this feature becomes active.

In addition, after this feature becomes active, all user logins will require the use of the reCaptcha gadget, that ask you to "select all boxes containing a street light" or other things to prove you are a human. Sometimes this reCaptcha may only require you to click the "I am not a robot" checkbox.

Martin Lansche, Technical Director TBN

Toronto Bicycling Network is Toronto's largest recreational cycling club, rated the city’s #1 cycling club by BlogTO and Readers Choice. TBN offers a wide variety of rides throughout the week and on weekends, catering to all levels of riders, as well as affordable trips outside Toronto and a wide range of winter activities.

Save the date for TBN's virtual annual meeting

TBN's Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 7 pm on Nov. 23. As in recent years, this will be a virtual gathering. Please join if you can to hear our overview of 2022 activities and our plans for 2023.

The AGM is an important event in TBN's calendar, the forum to approve the Club’s financial statements and nominate and vote on the board of directors for 2022-23. 

As in previous years, all TBN members in good standing will receive a separate email with an invitation to the virtual meeting with the meeting details, and how to register for the meeting. We will also post details on our calendar.

How to ride in the dark, rain or snow: A show and tell

Andrew Paterson, TBN's Education Director, is hosting a one-hour online zoom session Nov. 9, beginning at 7 pm, to offer some tips on riding in the dark or in rain or snow. Participants will be encouraged to talk about tricks and items they use to help them navigate these tricky conditions. Topics will include winter tires, fenders and lights, as well as clothing, with special attention to feet, hands, head and ears. Register here to join and share your experiences and insights.

TBN Fall/Winter Activities are Back


TBN’s schedule of Sunday fall and winter hikes kicks off on October 16 with a hike around Smokey Hollow, near Hamilton. Hikes will take place on Sundays throughout the fall and winter (weather permitting), starting at 9:30 am. Please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Details of each hike can be found on the TBN calendar.

You must register in advance and cancel that registration if you change your mind and cannot come. Guest registrations will be allowed if space permits.

TBN CITY WALKS Return October 16

If you are looking for something to do when the weather is too cool for cycling, consider joining leader John Burdett on some City Walks. This fall we will be doing something old and something new. As always, beginning Oct. 16, we will be running a walk every Sunday. New for this year, beginning on Oct. 27, we will also be doing walks on Thursdays during the day. 

For more information, check out the City Walks page. Members who have questions are asked to email John at citywalks@tbn.ca.

ZWIFT TBN Club Rides Start October 17

TBN will renew its winter program of virtual rides this year, using the Zwift computer platform to provide an almost limitless number of indoor rides as the weather turns cold, wet or snowy. Starting October 17 we will be scheduling morning rides on Mondays (regardless of weather), and on Wednesdays and Fridays when the outdoor weather forecast is poor. Watch the TBN Calendar for scheduled rides. 

From fall 2021 to spring 2022 TBN hosted 70 Zwift Meetup rides.

Most of our rides will use the "rubber band" feature in Zwift to keep all participants close together. Plus, we use the Discord app to conduct a group chat while riding. It is a very social workout. 

If you are interested in Zwift rides, either as a participant or as a volunteer virtual ride leader, please email virtualrides@tbn.ca with your preferences (day, time, distance and duration) and whether you are willing to host an event. Details about upcoming Zwift meetups will be posted on the TBN website. For more information about the meetups and about how to get started, see https://tbn.ca/zwiftmeetups.

Event registration process to Continue

TBN's event registration system was developed in 2020 to comply with provincial COVID regulations. While the province has announced that it will soon remove restrictions on public gatherings, TBN has decided to retain the registration system.

For ongoing safety reasons there are still some events where event leaders need to limit group size. And if only some events had registrations, we felt certain that these differences would prove to be inconsistent and confusing. To avoid that, we have decided to retain registrations on all events.

Knowing the size of an event ahead of time helps us to manage it better. For example, particularly large rides often need additional sweeps. Registrations also help TBN understand what events are most popular and help us design or modify programs going forward.

Event limits are set by the event leaders and some events have limits set so high that they effectively allow for unlimited participation. Even so, registration is still required - every time.

Even non-members can participate by registering and paying a small fee before the particular event.

Upcoming Rides and Events - Next 20 rides/events

See all rides and events on the main calendar and also check back two hours in advance in case of last minute updates or cancellation due to weather. You can also find past rides on this calendar. 

Most Recent Newsletter

Chain of Events is TBN's e-newsletter, featuring up to date info about upcoming rides and events. Click here for the most recent Chain of Events.

Share your blogs with TBN members

TBN member Jun Nogami has an informative blog on Facebook, which includes summaries and photos from club rides. Check it out here. If other members would like to request that we share similar cycling-focused blogs with members via tbn.ca, contact the Communications Director.

Upcoming Events

Day Trips

Overnight Trips

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TBN MOBILE Applications

TBN has an Android app displaying upcoming rides with a single click. Open up the Android PlayStore and look for "Toronto Bicycling Network." If you would like to use a mobile browser instead or have an iPhone, please bookmark our mobile-friendly site. You can reach the mobile site by clicking here.

TBN has a Strava club

Now's the time to join TBN's Strava TBN club, where you can share your rides with fellow club members and see who's fastest on the hills. To join the club, click here and press "Request to join." Strava links to services like RideWithGPS and Garmin Connect and offers a way for to track your speed and mileage. It has two levels of membership, a fee-based premium service, and a no-charge basic service.

TBN routes: one of our most prized assets

You asked for a library of TBN routes. We listened. A new work-in-progress page offers a convenient way to find some of our routes, with links to rides mapped through RideWithGPS. We have over 1,000 routes in total, including many duplicates and obsolete routes, so this will become an easier way to find a specific ride than by backtracking to RideWithGPS in our online Calendar. Check it out.


Please ensure to periodically update your TBN club profile. Perhaps upload a photo of yourself (so other members know who you are), confirm that your email address listed is correct (as this is the primary way for us to contact you), confirm your phone and emergency contacts are still valid, and update your current (or former) occupation and let us know if and how you would like to volunteer with TBN. We are always looking for helping hands, especially those with needed skills. How to do this: Login to the website, click on your name, then click Edit Profile. When you are done, press Save to commit your changes.

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