Toronto Bicycling Network is Toronto's largest recreational cycling club, rated the city’s #1 cycling club by BlogTO and Readers Choice. TBN offers a wide variety of rides throughout the week and on weekends, catering to all levels of riders, as well as affordable trips outside Toronto and a wide range of winter activities.

important Notice: tbn events during covid-19 outbreak

All TBN activities have been cancelled through the month of April, in the interest of social distancing. As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, we will have news on any impact to events taking place in May and beyond. Refer to the page TBN Infectious Disease Policy for our position on club activities and infectious diseases in general, including COVID-19. The health and welfare of TBN members is our prime concern. Please take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your fellow Canadians. Watch this space and the upcoming Chain of Events newsletter for updates.


Please note that TBN's spring kickoff event is scheduled for May 9 at Étienne Brûlé Park. An incorrect date appeared in the March 11 issue of Chain of Events. Watch for details in the Calendar, coming soon.

notice regarding membership applications using the bike show codes

Attention potential new members who attended the 2020 Toronto Bicycle Show on March 6-8. We regret that there was a technical error in the TBN membership application system that prevented the use of discount codes from the bike show. The error has been resolved. If you attempted to complete an application and received an error notice relating to the discount code, please try again. If you have any questions about this, please contact We apologize for the inconvenience.


TBN had a booth at this year's Toronto Bicycle Show, March 6-8, at its new location in the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga, Ont. The new location was chosen following a survey of past participants, who overwhelmingly preferred the change in location. Pluses for the new location were free parking and reduced traffic congestion, as well as more space in the exhibit areas. Pictured above at the show are TBN president John Clausen and communications director Rick MacMillan. Many thanks to the members who devoted their time to hosting the booth. Your dedication to TBN is greatly appreciated. Hundreds of show attendees dropped by and picked up club brochures, which offered a $20 discount on first-year memberships.

Upcoming Rides and Events - Next 20 rides/events

See all rides and events on the main calendar and also check back two hours in advance in case of last minute updates or cancellation due to weather. You can also find past rides on this calendar. 

Most Recent Newsletter

Chain of Events is TBN's e-newsletter, featuring up to date info about upcoming rides and events. Click here for the most recent Chain of Events.

Wanted: Director of Touring

TBN is looking for a new volunteer to oversee our regular programs for cycling and winter activities. As touring director you will be a key member of the TBN board, working with the coordinators of individual ride programs and acting as a liaison between the coordinators and the board. What do we do well? What can we do better? How do we make TBN activities better, safer and more fun? Please contact President John Clausen at if you can help.

TBN events - statistics from 2019

TBN co-technical director Dave Mader has compiled some interesting statistics on club events, reflected in the charts below. Here is a brief explanation of the data reflected in each chart.

Average Participation per event in each program

This chart shows the average numbers of members (blue) and non-members (red) taking part in TBN's key events during 2019.


This chart shows the total numbers of members taking part in each TBN event during 2019.

participant km's

This chart shows the total distances traveled in TBN events during 2019. Note that distance is not calculated for Friday Night Skating.

average participation per event

This chart shows average participation per event over the past six years, 2014-2019.


Tony Lau is TBN's volunteer of the year for 2019, as thanks for his multi-year contributions to Cyclon and to TNTO, two of TBN's flagship events. Sincere congratulations to Tony, who was honoured for this citation during the recent Annual General Meeting, dinner and dance. TBN Communications Director Rick MacMillan recognized Tony with the gift of a new TBN jersey. See also separate story on TBN Annual General Meeting.

Report Bike Parking Issues

The City of Toronto has launched a free web app called BikeSpace to collect data from cyclists to help improve bicycle parking. Using the BikeSpace app, cyclists can highlight areas where new bike parking is needed and report broken and full bike racks, as well as spots occupied by abandoned bikes. Download it to your smartphone from the Apple or Google app stores.

TBN MOBILE Applications

TBN has a free iPhone and Android app displaying upcoming rides with a single click. Open up the  Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore and look for "Toronto Bicycling Network." Iif you would like to use a mobile browser instead, please bookmark our mobile-friendly site. You can reach the mobile site by clicking here.


Bike shops, services and tours

Among the benefits for TBN members are  discounts from bike shops and cycling related services. Click Retailer & Services Directory for savings. 

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Day Trips

Overnight Trips

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