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Mid-Week Remote Start Group Cycling Rides
Explore the Most Beautiful Countryside Close to Toronto
Tourist or Sportif Level - 50 to 110 km

Pre-ride precautions!

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It's not just about the riding; it's equally about the scenery. The goal of our group is cycle the most beautiful countryside in southern Ontario within an hour's drive from Toronto. Every Wednesday from late March until late November we ride through the fertile landscapes of Toronto's agricultural hinterland, up and down the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine, and in and around the remarkable landforms of the Niagara Escarpment. 

We also have many non-Wednesday rides that we schedule on short notice (see "Non-Wednesday Rides" below), as well as a number of out-of-town events (see "Special Events" below).

The yellow lines below show a lot of the routes that we cover during the course of the season. To see the details of a particular route, click on the relevant event in the "Schedule" section on this page, and then click on the "Routes" link.

Starting points are as close as Markham and Stouffville, Hornby and King City, or as far as Campbellville in the west, Keswick in the north, or Ashburn in the east. Both short (50 to 70 km) and long (75 to 110 km) routes are offered each day (and occasionally an extra long 160 km route for the more adventurous). Starting time is 10:00 am early and late in the season, and 9:00 am during the heart of the season.

How We Ride

The rides tend to be on the informal and social side. The fitness levels of our riders extend over a broad range. There is a lot of chat along the way among the “tranquillos” who average a relatively easy pace (20-26 kph). On the other hand, the "sportivos" regularly get into a pace line and average 30 kph or more. In other words, we try to accommodate everyone. The lunch stops include local bakeries, riverside cafes, golf clubs and lake front picnic areas. There is usually a bit of an after-ride get together in the parking lot before the drive home.


We welcome you to join us anytime. Since we do not ride with a "sag-wagon" or a "sweep", riders should be prepared to keep a reasonable pace (upwards of 20 kph) so as not to fall behind. Though we try to ensure that all riders have a companion on the route, this isn't always possible and so we ask that all riders come prepared to be self-sufficient. As a minimum, this means they should be able to read maps and fix a flat tire on the side of the road.

We do try to be diligent riders and get along with motorists and each other. Please check out Safety is Key on Wednesday Wheelie Rides and Cycling Etiquette. We follow standard cycling conventions. We make a concerted effort to talk through safety concerns with each other as they arise. 

Riders need to print and bring a map and cue sheet for the route, or download the route to their Garmin or smartphone device. There is a $5 fee for non-members (it's a good way to find out if you like our group). Non-members also sign a release and waiver form and so should check in 15 minutes early with the ride leader. Cycling helmets are required for all riders. For more information, please contact the Wednesday Wheelie coordinators, at

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OUR Routes Library

The WW library of routes and events is organized in a club account at Ride With GPS. Click here to go to the WW club account home page. To become an account member, click on the "Apply to Join" button on the right under the picture on the account home page. TBN Wednesday Wheelie riders will subsequently receive account privileges. 

Ride leaders are not expected to bring maps and cue sheets to the Wednesday Wheelie rides. Please print and bring your own, or ask a friend to print and bring them for you. Alternatively and preferably, download the route to your Garmin or smartphone device.

Upcoming Rides

Non-Wednesday Rides

Although the principal riding day for our group is Wednesday, we also have a very active program of rides on other days. We schedule these rides using a Facebook "private" group, typically on relatively short notice. Distance and direction are usually determined by the group at the start, and depend on the weather and who turns up. These rides start principally at Victoria Square Park in the east (click here for driving directions) or Hornby Park in the west (click here for driving directions). Any member of the group is welcome to schedule a Non-Wednesday Ride. 

To join the Non-Wednesday Rides Facebook group, open your Facebook home page on your desktop or phone, use the search function at the top of the page to find "Non-Wednesday Rides", and then just click on the "+ Join" button.

Special Events

These events are on hold for now. Maybe later this year, or next year.

March/April - Springtime in North Carolina - click here

May - Hornell - click here

June - Collingwood - click here

July - Kawartha Lakes - click here

August - Welland - click here

September - Hornell - click here

October - Collingwood - click here

End-of-Season Brunch - click here

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