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Upcoming Rides

Program-X, along with all other TBN outdoors cycling programs, will not be hosting or posting rides during the April Covid-19 shutdown.

Think outside of the Road bike and Spandex box

Think of winter sports and what you wear for skiing.

Do you have a ride you want to lead? Perhaps you were planning on doing the ride on your own, or with a small number of TBN friends. Contact and we'll fit it on the calendar. This will be a "Leader's Choice" ride. A distance of, say, 50 to 70 km might be best. In the email, include the following information:

  • Date/Time (Give at least 48 hour lead time)
  • TBN or Wednesday Wheelie Club RideWithGPS Event/Route(s) to be used. Note what distances will be ridden.
  • Group size limit you are comfortable (less than or equal to current provincial Covid-19 limits)
  • Any specific text you want to see in the Event Details (e.g. rest stops, route notes, etc).

Since we do not ride with a "sag-wagon" or a "sweep", riders should be prepared to keep a reasonable pace (upwards of 20 kph) so as not to fall behind. Although we usually ride in groups, this doesn't always happen and so we ask that all riders come prepared to be self-sufficient. As a minimum, this means you should be able to read maps and fix a flat tire on the side of the road.

Riders need to print and bring a map and cue sheet for the route, or download the route to their Garmin or smartphone device. Cycling helmets are required for all riders. For more information, please contact the Program-X coordinator, at

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