Charles Vickerson 1941-2023

Sadly, our friend Charles Vickerson passed away on June 1st this year. Charles joined TBN in 2004 and rode with the Tuesday Ravine rides. He began riding with a cruiser but soon traded up for a used Cannondale which he nicknamed “The Purple Heartbreaker” because it was stolen two weeks later. This sudden loss did not deter him because he soon bought another used Cannondale which he called “The Dark Avenger.”

He made many friends in the club and kept in touch with them, talking to them about their interests in politics, religion, books and especially, interesting places to meet for lunch. He would join members for a bike ride at a cottage, a train trip to Niagara or a bike fest in Montreal or New York.

Charles was a kite enthusiast as well. With the Toronto Kite Fliers Club, he had his own kite and banner which said, “I’ll Fly Away” (from a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley). In the end, he did.

We shall miss his friendship.

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