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Classification(s) Tourist
Ride Length 60 - 110 km
Avg. Ride Speed 24 - 32 km/h
Requirements Helmet
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The Sunday Tourist category is for experienced riders and has been divided into two categories in order to accommodate a wide range of paces and distances:

Tourist A: These are at a pace of 28-32 km/hr over distances of 80-120 km. Riders are expected to stay in a group and regroup at traffic lights before they hit the open road. Once on the open road, everyone is essentially on their own, at their own pace, and self-sufficient. All rides have a designated lunch spot, located on the ride map/cue sheet.

Tourist B: This category is for riders that would like to cycle faster and further than the Sunday Urban Roller rides, but not at the pace and distance of the Tourist A class, namely: 24-28 km/hr over a distance of 60-90 km. These rides have a sweep, and as long as riders can maintain a pace of 24 km/hr, they are no-drop rides with periodic regrouping throughout the ride. All rides have a designated lunch spot, located on the ride map/cue sheet.

Most weekends, Tourist A and Tourist B will start at the same location, with Tourist A starting 5 minutes before Tourist B and the first part of the Tourist A route being the same as the Tourist B route, thereby permitting riders to drop from Tourist A to Tourist B if they find the Tourist A pace to be too fast.

For both Tourist A and Tourist B: Printed maps and cue sheets are not provided by the ride leader. You need to print the map/cue sheets on your own. We offer maps electronically in advance, via a link to the routes on Ride With GPS. PDFs are available for printing cue sheets. For those with GPS smart phone apps, or GPS bike computers, you will be able to download the route ahead of time. We recommend that you use the Ride With GPS app, as that will give you turn-by-turn directions.

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