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Club Ambassador

Be a Club Ambassador and share your love of riding with someone new!
It’s fun, it’s easy and you’ll make someone feel at home with us!


When a new member joins the club:

  • Reach out to the new members to welcome them by email (a list of new members will be given to you to contact from time to time).
  • Offer to tell them more about the club / the rides / answer any questions they have
  • Advise them about what rides might be good for them to go on, given their current riding experience.
  • Make sure they know about resources like the website, our smartphone app and Facebook page
  • Invite them to attend any new member events

At the rides you usually attend (we are looking for at least one person who regularly attends each ride program to be an ambassador)

  • When attending the rides/events you usually go to, be alert for new members, welcome them and introduce them to at least three other people.
  • If you stop for coffee / breaks / apres-ride make sure they are not alone – ask them to join you / your group.
  • Make sure that they don’t ride alone. Check in on them occasionally or ride nearby so that they feel a part of the group.
  • Let them know about other rides and club events that they might enjoy.

Ambassadors receive volunteer credits toward a free TBN membership.

Contact experience@tbn.ca for more information and to register to be an ambassador.

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