*** Update: Jane's Walks - May 7-9. We will not be able to meet and do Jane's Walks as we usually do, but this year, Jane's Walks will be proving Virtual Walks. For more information check it out at that the "Live Stream" walks require you to register in advance. ***

Until the COVID-19 pandemic situation improves, we will not be offering actual, in person City Walks in 2021. It does not seem possible to run group walks safely, (maintaining appropriate distancing, wearing masks appropriately, etc.).

Instead, we will be doing virtual walks as we did in 2020, conducted over Zoom video conferencing. We intend to offer a virtual walk every second Sunday, starting on January 10. Please email me at and ask to be added to the Virtual City Walk email list to receive the Zoom video conference link and information.

On a Sunday, at around 10:00 AM, we will meet on a Zoom Video Conference. The Virtual City Walk will be similar to the real walks that TBN has done during the fall and winter. Using Google Maps and Google Street View, we will move around the city. We will stop to look at interesting things as we pass, including buildings, sculptures, historic locations, etc. I will provide a commentary, and will have some screens of information to share along the way. I will try to have walks lasting half an hour to an hour.

As we did in the spring, the walks themselves will start at about 10:10 AM, but the Zoom conference will begin around 9:45 AM, so you can join other TBN members for a get-together and a chat prior to the start of the walk.

The Virtual City Walks will be posted in the TBN Calendar. Please have a look there to see what is planned. I intend to offer some virtual walks in the Toronto area, as well as “exotic” locations (similar to the Montreal and Buffalo walks we did in last spring). Please note that my former City Walks email list (which I previously used to notify people of upcoming events) no longer works, so you will have to refer to the TBN Calendar.

I would also like to encourage people to go out and do real walks on their own, or with a small number of people with whom they can take proper precautions. I will post additional information shortly to help you plan your own walks, or to access walks that TBN has already done.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to contact me at

John Burdett – City Walk Coordinator

City Walks

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