We have posted the schedule for the Fall City Walks. We will be running eleven walks starting on October 14 and ending December 22. As we have done in previous years, these walks are scheduled in advance, and the information for these walks, such as start and end locations, route details, etc., is available on the TBN website. 

This fall we will be repeating some of our favourites that we do almost every year, such as the Bonfire and Pot Luck Lunch Walk, the Christmas Lights Walk, and the St Clair to Dupont Walk. In addition, we will be doing  some walks we have not done before, such as the Amsterdam Brewery Walk, North York Historical Walk, Mimico Creek Walk. Other walks include some we have not done for a while, including a walk that we did in 1998 (Mark's Historical Walk, being run as our Mark Brousseau Memorial Walk this year).

The City Walks usually start Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM (with a few exceptions). We walk for about 10 Km, sometimes with shorter or longer optional distances, using city streets and/or ravines. If the walk is not on city streets, and special footwear, such as light hiking boots are recommended, this will be noted in the write-up. 

The level of difficulty is similar to a Leisure Wheeler or Urban Roller bike ride. There will usually be a stop for coffee and one or two bathroom breaks. We either finish where we started or at another subway station. Typically, we are near a location where we can get a snack, lunch, or beverage. 

Some walks may have themes, where we go to look at particular things, and some walks may not, where we just walk to enjoy walking. For the Fall Walks, maps will either be provided as paper copies at the start of the walk, or be made available on the website as is currently done for bike rides. 

The Fall City Walks are free to TBN members. Non-members are welcome, but will be asked to sign the waiver form, and pay the $5 non-member fee. 

This fall, there are a large number scheduled TTC subway closures, due mostly to work on the Eglinton Crosstown Line. We have attempted to schedule around these outages so that the start and end points are accessible by subway from downtown. However, before heading out, please check the TTC Scheduled Subway Closures site at to see if this has changed. Also, check for other TTC bus or streetcar diversions at

Beginning in January 2019, and running until the weather is nice enough for cycling, as we have done in the past, we will be running our Winter City Walk program. These walks are similar to the Fall City Walks, but are a bit more informal. They will typically be scheduled every Sunday but the start location, routes, etc. will usually not be posted until near the actual date of the walk (typically by the Wednesday before the walk on Sunday). 

The Winter City Walks are free to both TBN members and non-members. Non-members will not be charged the $5 non-member fee, but they will be asked to sign the waiver form.

As we have done for the past few years, we will likely arrange to do some sort of walking event for Jane's Walks and for Doors Open Toronto, both of which will probably occur in May 2019.

If you have any questions about the City Walk program, please email me at  

John Burdett

City Walks Coordinator

City Walks

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