2023 TBN Jersey Store

Status of Orders (as of May 16th)

The bulk order minimum for the following items was not yet been met for the May 15th order submitteed. They will be carried forward to the 3rd (FINAL) bulk order (deadline July 14)

  • gilet 3, 
  • jacket 4, 
  • shorts 6, 
  • long sleeve jerseys 4
Unless a minimum order of 10 for these items are placed by July 14th, they will not be fulfilled. At this time purchasers will be refunded for their unfulfilled orders.

Timing of orders

Please note that TBN will be collecting your orders, and submitting them to the supplier in 3 separate bulk orders. Orders placed after April 17th, 2023 will be included in a second order, which will be placed May 15th (member deadline May 14th), with expected delivery for Cyclon. A final bulk order will be placed on July 15th (member deadline Jul 14th).

Minimum number for Production Run

Each bulk orders must include a minimal number for the production run. A minimum order for delivery is 10 units per style (e.g. short sleeve men's jersey is one style, and short sleeve women's jersey is different style. Men's shorts and women's shorts are 2 different styles, etc.).  If the minimal number for a style is not met for order #1, the orders accepted will be included in order #2. 

Orders placed after May 14th: The store will run until July 14th, 2023 after which we will place a final bulk order.  Unmet orders for order #2 will be be carried over to the final bulk order. If by July 15th, a minimum number of orders for a style has not been met, your money will be refunded. 

PricesAll prices are tax included.

Shipping:  All orders are delivered to TBN (approximately 6 weeks after bulk order placement) for your pickup. We will not be shipping orders to members directly.  At the end of the ordering process you will be given a choice of up to 3 pickup options (the number of options is dependent on when the bulk order is shipped TBN).

Questions: Please email publicity@tbn.ca.

Size Chart:

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