CAN-BIKE Level 3 / Level 4 Classes

Do you want to increase your cycling skill level? Be a safer and more defensive rider on the road? Increase your confidence about riding on city streets? Whether you are a new or a long-term rider, there is always something to learn, some skills to improve, and, admit it, some bad habits to unlearn. Perhaps you are a TBN ride leader, but you are uncertain about what skills / behaviours to demonstrate and encourage as you lead your ride.  

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our graduates had to say about the July class:

"I have been cycling all my life and I think I know everything about cycling! Wrong! I learnt a lot of new knowledge in the Can-Bike Level 3/Theory Level 4 class and some of them I considered as life saving techniques. Well coordinated teaching of Cab-Bike instructors. Thorough topic coverage. Please consider taking this course. It will be the best few hours of time you have invested in!" -  Long time TBN member, Jimmy Yeung

"The course covers traffic dynamics which I like.  The drill in the parking lot is a good preparation for road practice.  I also received feedback on what I need to improve.  After the course and with continuous self-training, I can now ride with hand signals comfortably in traffic and when leading my group rides.  Martin's voice and Andrew's voice keep coming up when I approach an intersection.  I know the importance of positioning riding in streets with various widths and conditions.  ... Overall I am glad that I took the course and I will recommend this to any person who wants to ride safely in traffic." - Alice Chan

CAN-BIKE provides structured classes to help you with all this and more!  CAN-BIKE provides a Canada-wide skills curriculum as defined by Cycling Canada, and is recommended by provincial governments and many Canadian cities.  For more information on CAN-BIKE visit

Starting in July 2023, TBN will be offering periodic CAN-BIKE classes for TBN members, and will be covering your costs for the class.

The CAN-BIKE Level 3 class will be held in two parts. You will need to register for both parts. The first part will be delivered via Zoom in the evening, with an on-the-bikes part on the following day. The CAN-BIKE Level 3 class is suitable for those who would like to learn traffic handling skills and the rules of the road. At the end of the course, students should feel comfortable riding on residential and some urban streets.  Completion of both Theory and Practical classes is necessary for CAN-BIKE Level 3 completion.

The follow-on, advanced CAN-BIKE Level 4 course will be offered by TBN at a later time. Note that in order to sign up for Level 4, you will need to have completed the Level 3 class or be recommended for inclusion by the instructor. Level 4 repeats Level 3 material, goes into greater depth on some topics, has 2 days of riding, includes riding on busier streets, and includes a test. Students must get 70% in Bike Skills Test, a Written Test, and the Road Test to pass. Completion of both Theory and Practical classes, including Tests, is necessary for CAN-BIKE Level 4 completion.

Space will be limited to 12 students in each class.

Students are expected to complete on-line pre-requisite education prior to the Theory class. Instructions for accessing and completing this online education will be included in the registration confirmation email for the Theory class. This online education will take you 45 minutes to complete. The excellent CAN-BIKE instructional videos can be found on our Tips page.

Students attending the Practical classes must be capable of signaling while riding per the CAN-BIKE Bike Handling video. The student must be capable of riding in a straight line, holding one hand on the handlebar, and the other hand indicating a signal.

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