May 20, 2021


Martin's message: stay safe, thanks to coordinators

I want to express my deep thanks to all the coordinators who put a riding program together for March to May, only to have their efforts derailed by Ontario's extended lockdown. I share your frustration, and I share your hopes for an early end to restrictions.

As you know, TBN will continue to follow public health guidance, which currently allows outdoor group activities only with members of your own household. I hope these rules will change when the current lockdown ends on June 2 and we will again be allowed to cycle with small groups of friends. The coordinators and the Board feel a 10-person limit is the minimum for us to start scheduling rides, but I hope that will happen soon and we can resume our cycling season. The faster we get more people vaccinated, the faster we can return to normal. Toronto is behind the USA in terms of second vaccinations, but their success shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Until then, I will be riding around the city, avoiding busy trails and major streets, and rediscovering less used trails and routes on relatively quiet residential streets, and I'm always pleased to see other TBNers doing the same. Wear your TBN jerseys (the store is still open if you want to buy one), so we can recognize each other from afar. Stop, smile, and say hello, from a safe distance. And remember that soon we can ride together again.

COVID-19 is still out there. Stay safe and healthy.

Martin Lansche (Acting President)

ActiveTO is back

Toronto's ActiveTO cycling/walking program is back this year, offering cyclists the chance to ride on a handful of closed-to-traffic streets. Construction work means that the popular closure of Lakeshore West isn't on the schedule every weekend, but parts of Lakeshore East and Bayview Avenue are closed to motorized traffic on most Saturdays and Sundays. Details are available on the City of Toronto's website.

TBN jersey store extended to June 12

Come on TBN, we need more orders! Our online jersey store closed recently, and we were disappointed to learn from our supplier, Garneau, that we did not reach the minimum number of orders to move on to production. So we have reopened the store until June 12: check it out now to place your order, and deliveries will follow soon afterwards. If we still fail to meet the minimum by June 12, Garneau will cancel the order and return payments received to date. And that would be sad.

Do you have input for TBN's new Governance Committee?

TBN's new Governance Committee (chair Rick MacMillan, Martin Lansche, Lora Flanagan, Barry Pinsky and Gord Irish) welcomes member input. The committee has already drawn up a new privacy policy, which the board approved earlier this month, and the board has offered a number of high-priority agenda items: reviewing the board-member recruitment process and directors' job descriptions, including skills development; potentially longer, and staggered, election terms for board members; expanding TBN's social-media presence; and a revised Code of Conduct. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Rick MacMIllan.

Click here for a short video on how to manage your privacy and email subscription settings. 

Ride cancellations are complicated. Your thoughts?

Help us adopt the best possible policy regarding ride cancellations, which Mother Nature often foists on us, whether we want them or not.

Please fill out this short (2-question) survey on your preferences.



Seeking your thoughts on TBN travel

Members are invited to participate in a short Overnight Trips survey as we try to glean information about possible future trips. We're aware that we can't plan anything right now because of uncertainty with the COVID-19 restrictions, and we're not sure that it will be possible to have overnight trips this year. The survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

Etienne Brule sewer work to run to 2022

Correction: The February Chain of Events optimistically advised that work to replace a major sewer pipe in the area around Etienne Brule Park would end in the spring. That was wrong: the City of Toronto is currently planning a completion date of June 2022. The work may prompt some bike path closures and will affect TBN's Humber River rides. Please take care when riding around the construction area.

Remember to visit the TBN calendar of events to find out more about what's coming up. The little TTC logo below will help alert you to any subway closures.

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