Zwift - Intro - Gotham Grind Reverse

  • 05 Dec 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • New York
Zwift - Intro - Gotham Grind Reverse

We will be riding around the event-only "Gotham Grind Reverse" in NYC. Join us on this hour long casual ride around Central Park in NYC with chat provided via Discord.  We will be enabling the "Keep Everyone Together" option, so no one will be dropped. 

Duration: 60 min   Distance: ~ 24km   Climb: ~230m 

Route: Gotham Grind Reverse

Ride Leader: Carl Condon

Communications:  Discord -

Joining the Zwift "TBN Club": TBN Zwift Events are available to members of the Zwift club "TBN". To become a member, follow "Martin Lansche (TBN)" within Zwift, and he will send you an invitation to join of the TBN club. Once you are a member you can see all future TBN club events in Zwift and will be able to sign up to these events. 

Signing up for the Ride: 

Using the Zwift Companion App, 

  • Click on "Clubs"
  • Click on "TBN"
  • Scroll down to see "Club Events" 
  • Click the ">" triangle.
  • Select the Club Event
  • Scroll down, and click the  button. 
  • This will change to a  indicating you have signed up.

Joining a Ride you have Signed Up for:

Method 1: Start Riding anywhere in Zwift 5-10 minutes before the start of the event. You will be asked at approximately 5 minutes before the start if you want to join. Let the timer expire and you will be moved to the start pen for the ride.

Method 2: As in Method 1, but with the Companion App, when prompted click "Join Event"

Method 3: Start Zwift, and choose your signed up ride from the list of upcoming events. You will be moved to the start pen for the ride.

Late start is enabled. You should be able to join a ride within the first 30 minutes.

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