2022 Tour de Zwift Stage 4: Serpentine 8

  • 23 Jan 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Watopia
2022 Tour de Zwift Stage 4 - Serpentine 8

Each year, Zwift hosts a multi week set of rides they call the Tour de Zwift. They provide a great overview of Zwift routes. For details about the entire Tour de Zwift click here.

Stage 4's theme is "Let's Get Dirty". We will be joining the 10:00 AM TDZ Stage 4 Group Ride - Category A (this has nothing to do with high w/kg). This ride is listed as "Long Ride", but is only 26.8 km - well within the difficulty/distance of a typical TBN "Exploring" Zwift ride. 

You must first register for the Tour de Zwift. If you have not already done so, click here.

Unlike our regular Meetups, you will not be invited to join the Event. Instead you must register for the Event yourself. You can do this using the Zwift Companion App (details below), or from the Zwift website.

This ride will be 1 lap of the Serpentine 8 loop in Watopia. You will want to use a Mountain Bike or Gravel Bike selected for this ride.

We TBNers will be chatting on the usual Discord channel. There will be no rubber band in effect. There will be double drafting bonus in effect. 

Duration: < 60 min   Elevation: 206m  Distance 26.8km

Route: Serpentine 8

Ride Leader: None - this is a Tour de Zwift event. 

Communications:  Discord -  https://discord.gg/bbhsZ3w

Rider registration using the Zwift Companion App:

  • Select Events
  • Ensure your Filter includes 
    • Group A, B
    • Type
      • Group Ride
  • Date/Time: Sunday Jan 23th: 10:00 AM
  • Title: TDZ Stage 4: Group Ride
  • Open the event
  • Scroll down to the Category A group "TDZ Stage 4: Long Ride"
  • Click the + button

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