Fall Hiking - Walker Woods -Double Loop - 14 km CANCELLED AND REPLACED SEE WEB SITE FOR NEW HIKE

  • 06 Dec 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Uxbridge (Oak Ridge Moraine)
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Please note that the Walker Woods - Double Loop hike has been cancelled and replaced with the Durham County Forest Loop hike.

This was done because the original hike leader did not feel comfortable leading the hike especially with the new Covid restrictions

We currently have 40 people registered for this hike which we were going to split into 2 groups of 20 with 2 hike leaders.  The TBN Board has asked that we limit the groups to 10 people (which is the Toronto limit) even though we are going into an area that allows groups of 25 people.  It all has to do with people from a high risk area coming into an area with a lower risk.  We do not want to be seen as the "ugly Torontonians." 

That being said we are going to allow 30 people to register and we will run 3 hikes of 10 participants including 3 hike leaders.  I noted in the new hike posting that as the first 10 people arrive they will go with a hike leader etc and the last group will leave at approximately 10.00 am

As I mentioned earlier we currently have 40 people registered and we will only be accepting 30 registrants for the replacement hike.   Sorry but we cannot accommodate more than 3 hikes at this time.  

This will require re registration

Thanks for your understanding 

The Walker Woods Forest is a series of linked routes including the Oak Ridges and Trans Canada Trails.  This trail system provides hikers with a variety of natural heritage features and breathtaking vistas

Distance:   14 km 

Terrain:  Moderate with some hills and/or poor footing

Pace:  4 km/hr

Directions:  Free parking for about 20 cars


Apres:  Annina's Bakeshop,  300 Durham Regional Hwy 47, Goodwood

Hike Leader:  Neil Connolly

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