WW-Victoria Square Park- Rescheduled to Friday Nov 27

  • 27 Nov 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Victoria Square Park, just east of the 404 on Elgin Mills Road
  • 6


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Registration is closed

The Ontario government has put new restrictions in place for Toronto - only 10 participants are allowed for outdoor gatherings.

Please Register - Only REGISTRANTS are permitted to participate in this ride.

There will be two outdoor gatherings in this event:

  • One group of 10 or less will gather at the SW end of the parking lot and ride from there.
  • The other group of 10 or less will gather at the NE end of the parking lot and form their own separate ride from there.
  • If you see more riders in one of the groups, join the other one.

If you have registered but WON'T BE ATTENDING, log in, come back here to this ride, click on "Already registered" to get to the cancellation page, then click on the Cancel button. You can even cancel the morning of the event if your car won't start, etc. ....

A mask and hand sanitizer are required.

Driving directions: click here

Routes: click here

New 75 km route with lunch at Brooks Farms.

Weather forecast: click here

Caution notes: please ride single file on the paved shoulder on Aurora Rd between McCowan Rd and Highway 48. Please also take extra care as you go south on Highway 48, and then turn left across Highway 48 onto Lakeshore Rd.

This will be the last official Wednesday Wheelie ride of the season. The  ride will start from Victoria Square Community Park, just east of the 404 on Elgin Mills Road.

The new 75 km route (see above) takes you to Brooks Farms near Mt Albert for lunch.

Season's End photo by Hailey E. Herrera / CC BY 2.0

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