Board of Directors 2020-2021

Martin Lansche

Veda Ko & Jean Dell'Agnese
Co Treasurers - until June 14th 2021

Rick MacMillan

Dennis Szilvasy
Touring Director

Education Director

Sonia Stramaglia
Communications Director

Martin Lansche
Technical Director

Carole Sovran
Social Events Director

Lora Flanagan 
Overnight Trips Director

Alice Chan
Membership Director

<1 year term only>
Past President

Jean Dell'Agnese
Treasurer - from June 14th 2021


Organization chart

Martin Lansche – Acting President and Technical Director

Martin Lansche is retired from IBM Canada, where he was a mainframe systems programmer and a consultant to Fortune 500 clients helping them with their websites. Martin was Co-Technical Director for TBN in 2020. An avid cyclist since the age of 4, Martin was a TBN member in 1983-1984, and he rejoined TBN in 2018 whence he has been a Ride Leader, Sweep and Ambassador.

Rick MacMillan – Secretary

Rick MacMillan is fairly new to cycling and has been a member of TBN only since 2015, when he retired from a 40-year career in the music industry. He worked as a journalist and editor, and most recently as manager of the SOCAN Foundation. For the past two years, he has served on the TBN board as Communications Director.

Jean Dell’Agnese – Treasurer

Jean was a professional accountant for 48 years and is now retired, but is still an active volunteer.

Jean was 8 when she got her first bicycle and has been riding ever since. In TBN she has done cycling, group camping, and hiking. Since she had previous board experience with a United Way agency, she answered TBN’s call for a treasurer last year and has been a board member since. Her motto this pandemic year has been “We will get through this, and go on to a brighter future.”

Veda Ko – Co-Treasurer

Being on the Board has shown Veda the commitment and efforts everyone puts in into planning trips for a community that shares the love of cycling and being outdoors. Veda was Co-Treasurer until June 14, 2021.

Sonia Stramaglia – Communications Director

Sonia has joined the board as our Communications Director at TBN. She is a sponsorship marketing professional; and she plans to leverage her skills in social media and community outreach to introduce new members to TBN while making it fun and easy for existing TBN members to engage with the club online and off line.

Dennis Szilvasy – Touring Director

Dennis has been in organized cycling in Ontario for over 40 years. He has worked with the Ontario Cycling Association, the Great Canadian Cycling Club and the Toronto Bicycling Network from its very first days. He has organized weekend trips; and organized and led Country Cruises. His goal is to promote a better group experience on the rides and to have more fun. He would welcome all new ride ideas.

Carole Sovran – Social Director

Carole Sovran has been a TBN member for 8 years and has participated in biking, hiking, camping, Wolf Den, and Cyclon. She has been on the Cyclon committee as social director. She has enjoyed the many wonderful people she has met who also enjoy outdoor activities.

Carole, as Social Director this year, has been disappointed to have missed out planning this year’s Spring Kickoff, the Too Good Pond BBQ, and the AGM Dinner Dance. As soon as we get the all-clear to socialize, she will be planning a get together where we can reunite with our TBN friends and meet new members and introduce them to our club.

Lora Flanagan – Overnight Trips Director

Lora has served as Overnight Trips Director during this Covid year and had to cancel all of the trips. Here’s hoping Lora sees better results in 2021. On the business side, Lora is in Human Resources, Training, and Payroll. On the inspirational side, she is a career and wellness coach and a yoga and mindfulness teacher. On the TBN side, she is a dedicated board member and volunteer.

Alice Chan - Member Experience Director

Alice is a designated accountant CPA CGA. Currently she is the Financial Controller at Cooper Plating Inc in Newmarket. Alice joined TBN in 2017 and did her first century ride in the same year and since then she just cannot stop riding (including through the winter).  She was Ride for Heart Ambassador for 2 years, was active in Cyclon promotion and volunteered as sweep, and Ride Ambassador on many rides. 

Her primary goal is to grow TBN membership by bringing more memorable ride (and non-ride) experiences to TBN members. Her Motto: If you don't try, nothing will happen. If you try, something will happen. If you keep trying, something nice will happen.

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