Thursday Night Rides

An Advanced Easy Roller Evening Ride; Gear up for the weekend!

Program Season Mid April - Mid. Oct.
Usual Day & Time Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Classification(s) Advanced Urban Roller
Ride Length 30 - 50 km
Avg. Ride Speed 22 - 24 km/h
Requirements Helmet, Front & Rear lights
TBN Membership Card (or $5 Fee for Non-members)

Welcome to Thursday Night Rides (TNR), TBN’s newest ride program! Like Wednesday and Friday Night Rides, the primary emphasis of TNR will be on on having fun, social rides. However, TNR will kick it up a notch on distance and speed with a focus on more experienced riders. The program will start in early April and extend into October as long as weather and participation levels permit.

TNR routes will generally be similar to typical WNR and FNR routes, just longer. They will predominantly take place on streets with good bike lanes, smaller streets, and off-road paths with only the occasional foray out on a major street. Our starting locations will also be similar, but we’ll be experimenting with some downtown core and University of Toronto starts as well. Many TNR Rides will have a scheduled post-ride pub gathering.

How do you know if you’re ready for a TNR ride? If you can do a WNR or FNR comfortably and are seeking a bit more challenge, you’ll do fine. If you can do a Saturday Morning Ride or Sunday Easy Roller near the front of the pack, you’re definitely TNR material. Like all Easy Roller-class rides, we’ll have a no-drop policy and regroup points. Of course, tourist-class riders looking for a ‘slow’ social ride or recovery ride are always welcome!

TNR is also going to make extensive use of technology. Ride announcements, including cancellations, will be made from our Twitter account @TBN_TNR as well as on the TBN web site. At the beginning of most rides, we’ll be tweeting a link to a live ride tracking map. This will make it easy for riders to join us en route. And if you’re running a bit late for the start of a ride, feel free to let us know via tweet. No guarantees, but we’ll try to wait a few minutes.

The TNR ride coordinator is Adam Hotchin and can be reached at If you think you might be interested in TNR, and/or have any questions, concerns, or comments please e-mail and introduce yourself. Of course, we’re looking for ride leaders, so if you may be interested, please e-mail or update your user profile “Ride Programs” to include Thursday Night Rides and check “Ride Leader/Sweep” from the “Do you wish to volunteer?” options.

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