Attention all Cyclon participants.

Western University recently decided to lift its requirement for indoor masking. This decision aligns Western University's indoor masking requirements with the Ontario government's policy on masking that came into effect on June 11. While masks will no longer be required to be worn indoors at Western University residences during Cyclon, public health continues to encourage the use of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please respect those who choose to continue to wear masks.

Western will continue to require Proof of Vaccination to be provided at registration.

While we believe Cyclon will continue to remain a safe event, we recognize that the change in masking requirements may be concerning to some participants. Consequently the Cyclon cancellation deadline has been extended to July 17th. Participants with special concerns may cancel without penalty until that date, after which cancellation will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Persons wishing to cancel are asked to notify promptly.

TBN members who are not yet registered for Cyclon are encouraged to sign up and get on the waitlist. The committee will try to fill any vacancies created by July 20th. After that date all our numbers must be provided to Western.

Whether you decide to cancel or are contacted by the committee to fill a vacancy, we ask you to respond quickly out of courtesy to other participants.

As a reminder, the following COVID safety protocols continue to be in place at Western during Cyclon:

  • Western Ontario Hall residence is only accepting event bookings like ours, and their full-time summer student accommodations. Random travellers are not being booked into the residence.
  • Valid Proof of Vaccination will be checked by Western staff on entry to the residence.
  • Western-trained staff will serve Friday night pizza, salads and drinks. Prepackaged desserts will be available.
  • Pre-packaged apres-ride snacks will be provided.
  • Outdoor dining will be available Friday night, at breakfast, during apres-ride snacks, and for Saturday night dinners.
  • Sunday's banquet will be hosted outside at the Pavilion and catered by Western-trained staff.

Please help us keep everyone safe. If you don’t feel well or if you have any symptoms, even if mild, we ask that you consult the provincial website (Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-assessment ( for the most up-to-date guidance and information on COVID safety protocols before deciding whether or not to attend Cyclon.

If you have specific concerns, please contact


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