Go out and Go Home Day trips 

Why not leave your car at the train station or at home, and go by the Niagara Excursion Express for our ride today. Go runs from Oshawa to Union Station. The Niagara Excursion Express runs from Union Station to  Burlington along the Lakeshore Line to Niagara Falls Via station.

For 2019, we will have 2 trips, 1)  July 6 from Niagara Falls to St Catharines, the second trip on Aug 10 from St Catharines to Niagara Falls.  Each trip will have details of the  tour for each which are different.  I have been running these tours for 10 years and i never get tired of the area. Its almost like i was in Europe and travelling like you can in Europe by train,  anywhere on a bike trip. 

Purchasing round trip ticket saves standing in ticket line for the return trip. We hope to see you on our trip, but keep in mind space is limited. If you have a Presto card, you can use it to tap on at your point of origin, and tap off at St Catharines, and then tap on at Niagara falls, its better than tickets.

For more information, please contact Terry Walsh, Wednesday Evening Coordinator, torontoterry27@yahoo.ca  


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