pacelining in the TBN

  • 29 Mar 2021 9:20 PM
    Message # 10250990

    A dangerous idea ipace lining if you are not familar with the people you are riding with.You need some practical experience to run in a pace line it is not recommended to do your practice with unknown riders on TBN rides.Our rides are not training rides for the Tour de France. Crashes have occurred on previous rides and this has resulted in broken bones  and people fingerpointing  who caused the chaos

  • 17 Apr 2021 8:03 PM
    Reply # 10323772 on 10250990

    you are confused. the tour de france doesn't pace line except for team time trials. pace lining is safer if people know what they are doing and have some experience. riding in a bunch which is what TBN does isn't necessarily safer because people are not paying attention, they are chatting to their buddies etc. i have ridden many years with a club that did pace lining and there was never an issue because people were focused on the ride. it isn't as relaxed a ride though.

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