Saturday Cruising Shorts (SCS)

(Every other Saturday) 

April 30 - September 17, 2016

Starting April 30, 2016, every other Saturday (with a few exceptions) TBN offers the opportunity to ride the short (~ 50 - 70 km), scenic routes of the popular "Sunday Country Cruises".

Saturday Cruising Short (SCSs) rides are ideal for cyclists who are new to cycling in the country and who want to experience Country Cruises before committing to doing a longer distance Sunday ride.

All "Saturday Cruising Shorts" start at 9:00 am at points far enough removed from the city of Toronto yet still within easy driving distance. Often the rides finish early enough for riders to have a full afternoon to do other things back at home or still in the country!

Details of the scheduled ride terrain and directions to drive to the start locations are listed in the ride descriptions. Click on each ride in the box to the right.

****Please check this web-page regularly to plan your Saturday rides in the country. Any changes to the SCS schedule will always be noted here at least 24 hrs. in advance of the ride.

For more information, or to volunteer as a Ride Leader for any of the SCSs or CCs, please contact your Country Cruise (CC/SCS) Coordinators - Rowena Maclure (posting website info), Barry Pinsky (ride leaders) and / or Marie Ferguson (mapping) - at


Thanks to Marie Ferguson, all CC and SCS routes now have links to Ride With GPS (RWGPS) on-line maps and instructions.  If you do not have an electronic GPS device for your bicycle you can print off a paper copy of the map and instructions.   Ride Leaders will continue to bring a few paper copies of maps and instructions to all rides, however, we encourage you to consider printing your own copy in advance. 

***SURVEY IN 2016 

Please bring your membership card to each CC and SCS

We will be carrying out a brief survey at every Country Cruise (CCs) and Saturday Cycling Shorts (SCSs) in 2016. This will give us a better idea of how many different people are riding the CCs and SCSs and how many are using GPS and/or paper cue sheets and maps. It will only take a few seconds to fill in a line on the survey form, which the Ride Leader will have at the beginning of the ride. Your membership card will help with data collection and referencing.  

Thank you in advance, for your co-operation completing the survey!

FINALLY...If you have any comments feel free to let us know.  We welcome your input!  :)

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