Saturday Evening Group Dinner Events

Please register for your dinner venue before August 1st, 2018 - we need to confirm with the restaurants

There are 13 group dinner options for 2018

-once you sign up, download the associated PDF so you remember which one you chose...

-these dinners are not paid for by Cyclon.  The cost will depend on what food and beverages you order.

-please use the same name that you used to register for Cyclon!

REGISTRATION FOR THIS ENDS:  12pm Wed, 01 Aug 2018

- If spaces are still available at the venue, we will be able to add you to a restaurant of your choice at the registration desk Friday.

 1 - Beer & BBQ & Ice Cream  
Host:  Samantha Ng Qui Sang
Restaurant:  Beertown Public House
Number of Guests:  15  
Meet in the residence Lobby at:  6:30 pm
Description:  A huge selection of craft beers and great pub food.  Check out the menu and join me for a fun evening out in Waterloo.  Dinner reservations at 7:00 p.m., followed by ice cream at Scoop Du Jour.

 2 - Buon Appetito  
Host:  Steve Astrop  
Restaurant:  271 West Restaurant, 271 King St. West  
Number of Guests:  15 
Meet in the residence Lobby at:  6:00 pm
Description:  Mama Mia, that-sa some-a spicy meat-a ball!  Great Italian food with fresh made pasta!  The restaurant is 4 kilometers from the residence so we'll share taxis, or if you have leftover energy you can bike there on your own.

 3 - Dine with George  
Host:  George Witte
Restaurant:  Lion Brewery restaurant at the Huether Hotel
Number of Guests:  12
Meet in the residence Lobby at:  6:30 pm       
Description:  Enjoy craft beer and upscale pub food at the Lion Brewery restaurant at the Huether Hotel in downtown Waterloo, about 1.5km from the residence.  See menu:   Lion Brewery Menu

 4 - Dine with Ray & Jacqueline
Hosts:  Raymond Gubala & Jacqueline Taylor
Restaurant:  McCabe's
Number of Guests:  12
Meet in residence Lobby at:  5:45 pm
Description:  Typical Irish Pub.  Warm atmosphere and large menu.

 5 - Dining Cantonese Style  
Host:  Alice Chan
Restaurant:  King Tin Restaurant
Website:  King Tin Restaurant
Number of Guests:  12
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:00 pm
Description:  Traditional Chinese dishes including Peking Duck, steamed fish, lobster with green onion and ginger.  See link for location and more pictures of dishes.  318 Spruce Street - 1.5km from residence.
 6 - Dinner & Movie with the McLeddens  
Hosts:  Bill McLean and Cathy Ledden
Restaurant:  Abe Erb, 15 King St S, Waterloo; N2J 1N9
Number of Guests:  20
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:30 pm
Description:  It's a two part evening.  The first is dinner at a local Brew Pub that serves locally sourced grub (not grubs).  Dinner should come to around $30 to $40 per person including a beer or cider.  It is casual dress; so dress the way that you feel comfortable.  The daily menu can be found here.
The movie will be bicycle themed and will be seen at the Princess Theatre, just a short 5 minute walk from the theatre.  All TBNers are welcome to see the Movie at the theatre and qualify for the Princess Theatre membership price of $8 - just mention "TBN Cyclon" at the box office.  The Theatre is licensed so beer, wine, and cider can be had with your popcorn.

 7 - Dinner and Saturday night in Town Square  
Hosts:  Rocco Romeo & Brian Moran
Restaurant:  Beertown
Number of Guests:  16
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:00 pm
Description:  Join us at Beer Town, one of Waterloo's most unique craft breweries.  Try one (or more) of their 30 craft beers, custom crafted cocktails and choose from fish tacos, healthy bowls, pad Thai, burgers, delicious mac 'n cheese and more!
After dinner, we'll see what activities are happening in the town square.  (Dancing, listening to a band or people watching are all possibilities!)
At the end of the evening, we'll take a leisurely stroll back to the University via the Laurel Trail.
Come join us!

 8 - Dinner at Anna Maes in Millbank (30 min drive)  
Hosts:  Patsy Cook & Mick O'Meara
Restaurant:  Anna Mae's Bakery and Restaurant
Number of Guests:  14 (including the hosts)
Meet in residence Lobby at:  5:30 pm
Description:  Wonderful Mennonite home-style cooking with seasonal fruits and veggies.  Great "broasted" chicken every day with ribs and roast beef on Saturdays.  Desserts are excellent, with a choice of up to 35 types of pies, ice creams, etc.  A popular local restaurant run by Mennonites - so no alcoholic drinks.  Featured on TV's "You Gotta Eat Here".  Pay by cash or debit only - no credit cards.

 9 - I Love Creative Food!  
Host:  Melanie (Foodie) Persaud
Restaurant:  White Rabbit Public House
Number of Guests:  14
Meet in residence Lobby at:  5:30 pm
Description:  Named for the first spirit house opened by none other than Jack Daniels!  The menu looks really creative.  (Check it out.)  They have a vegan menu and a full-on meaty menu and lots of interesting cocktails and spirits.  If everyone is interested, we could share a FAT RABBIT - better look it up and see for yourself!

 10 - Let's Play Marbles  
Hosts:  Apolonija & George Battiston
Restaurant:  Marbles
Number of Guests:  16
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:30 pm
Description:  Casual dining in a century old building with an upbeat urban atmosphere.  Exposed brick, stained glass and hand-hewn posts & beams meet modern tin ceiling, barn board and copper countertop bar.  Vegetarian and gluten free options are available.  Check out this fresh and healthy menu including fresh, made-from-scratch soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, burgers, fish, and steak.

 11 - Mongolian Grill, with paul & Brenda  
Hosts:  paul price & Brenda Sweet
Restaurant:  Mongolian Grill
Number of Guests:  20
Meet in residence Lobby at:  5:10 pm
Description:  Join us for a short walk to the Mongolian Grill, where we will create our own stir-fry buffet meals.  There are only 3 options:  a single serving meal $20, an all you can eat meal $25, or an all you can eat soup and salad bar $13.

 12 - Quaint & Cozy Dining  
Host:  Karine Van Driessche
Restaurant:  King Street Trio
Number of Guests:  8
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:30 pm
Description:  Foodies who choose local.  Join me for a small, intimate dining experience.  King Street Trio was proudly awarded the Open Table Top 100 Restaurants Canada in 2017.  Their focus is serving classic dishes which have a creative spin using local ingredients.  Check out the menu!

 13 - Refresh Japanese Style  
Hosts:  Chris & Sheila Jacobs
Restaurant:  Kuro
Number of Guests:  10
Meet in residence Lobby at:  6:15 pm
Description:  Close, early, delicious!  We invite you to join us at Kuro for tasty Japanese cuisine.  Refreshing cocktails are a specialty, they will accommodate vegetarian, vegan, as well as seafood lovers.  5 minutes walk from the College leaving us plenty of time to explore downtown Waterloo.

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