Safety is Key on Wednesday Wheelie Rides!

    • Talk Through Safety Issues Above all else, try and talk through safety issues with your fellow riders as they arise.

    • Avoiding Busy Roads We have tried wherever possible to choose routes that avoid busy stretches of road, especially stretches with heavy truck traffic. 

    • See and be Seen Always keep in mind, "see and be seen".
      • Ride with a mirror (why not?).
      • Ride with a rear light (why not?).
      • Wear brightly coloured clothing (why be modest?).

    • Communicate and Listen Always keep in mind, "communicate and listen". Many (most?) cycling calls or commands are derivatives or applications of this rule.

    • When to Bunch Ride Consider riding in a bunch of up to around 16 when there is traffic on the road, thereby allowing the traffic to get by the bunch in a single pass.

    • When to Single File Consider the following factors in deciding whether it is prudent to ride single file on a stretch of road - the length of the stretch, traffic density, traffic speed, whether the traffic includes trucks, the number of lanes, whether there is a useable shoulder, and anything else you consider relevant. In other words, a decision to ride single file needs to be based on the particular circumstances.

    • Never Escalate Never do anything that might cause an encounter with an irate or frustrated driver to escalate.

Other Wednesday Wheelie Stuf

    • Our RWGPS naming convention. We've adopted a code like naming convention. This is so that you can download the short, medium and long versions of a route onto a Garmin device without each successive download of the route overwriting the previous download of the route.

    • Need help downloading from RWGPS? Follow the instructions on the RWGPS website for your particular device.
    • Are you an Android or iPhone user? The following are links to Google Play and to the iTunes store where you can download the RWGPS app to your Android or iPhone device. After you join the WW RWGPS club account, the app will allow you to directly download and utilize the RWGPS maps and cue sheets on your device. If you use the app, be sure to turn off all the other functionality of your device (e.g., no texting or emailing while riding!):
    • Links to details of previous TBN rides. Looking for details of another TBN ride or a WW ride completed earlier in the season. Click on the following link and search until you find the ride - TBN Calendar of Events. However, please note that some of the earlier rides may need changes if the planner has become aware of a problem which needs to be addressed, or if the planner has an idea for enhancing the ride in some way. Similarly. future rides may undergo changes before they are finalized.

    • Rear view mirrors. Cars use them. Trucks use them. Even military tanks and fighter jets use them (or rear view cameras). Why not bicycles? While the choice of a particular rear view mirror is obviously a matter of personal preference, there are a couple that are popular with our group. Click here for information on the Spintech mirrors which attach to drop bars. Click here for information on the Take a Look mirror which attaches to eye glasses.

    • Ear buds, etc. Please, no ear buds or other distracting devices.

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